Know who you are voting for — and why

The voters of the Central and Six Mile areas will go to the polls and choose their representative for the School District of Pickens County board and while the qualifications of any of the four candidates are more than stellar, those qualifications shouldn’t be the deciding factor of how a vote is cast.The fact is, all four are more than qualified for the job, are well-educated and extremely well spoken. All appear to be sincere in their desire to serve.So if they ...

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Do fences really make good neighbors?

The other day I was baking cookies, and I realized I was an egg short. It was raining out, my 2-year-old was napping, and I was dressed in flannel pajama pants and one of my husband’s old Star Wars T-shirts. Driving to the grocery store for eggs was really the last thing that I wanted to do. I thought about asking my neighbors, but then I realized — I don’t know them.I have lived in my home for almost seven years, and I don’t know my neighbors. How sad. What...

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It’s October — break out your ribbons, your magic books, …

Football players have donned pink socks, referees are signaling penalties with pick whistles, pink ribbons are wrapped around wrists and attached to lapels because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.The promotion began officially in 1985, but the famous pink ribbon didn’t come around until 1991, when the Susan G. Komen Foundation handed them out to runners in New York City during a sponsored race for survivors. In 1993, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation was...

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Will the real South Carolina election issue please stand up?

I know there may be some side of you who wish I would let the election go, and in time, when the votes are counted and I regain my composure from laughter at the same repeated mistakes at the polls and gird my loins for the next two years’ worth of complaints, I will … at least until the next set of political ads pops up.So, for you, reader, what is the key issue of this election under a month away?Is it the problems of infrastructure within the state? The fa...

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A thesaurus by any other name is still a thesaurus

Thesaurus: A word you hear rarely but when you do, it’s in the form of a joke about a dinosaur … or something along those lines.The word came up in a conversation with my sister, Donna. She basically referred to me as a thesaurus, which to me is a compliment I appreciate — and all she meant was I have a very broad and deep vocabulary. The comment brought me to a stop, and some of you have seen me do it, that moment when I do literally stop dead in my tracks becaus...

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Sometimes the best times aren’t planned

Last weekend was my husband’s and my fifth year wedding anniversary and we had planned to either go to Savannah, or rent a cabin up in the woods somewhere in North Carolina.Once we settled on the idea of a cabin, securing a rental became much more difficult than I had originally planned. Apparently, the majority of cabins were already booked by leaf peeping little old ladies. The ones that were left required a minimum three night stay. So, we improvised.Dillard, Ga...

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Transparency movement sees progress – and daunting setbacks

One of the keys to quality government is the ability of citizens to see how decisions are made and how tax dollars are spent.It’s that notion that drove me several years ago to establish a special website showing itemized expenditures by state government, and to later launch an ultimately successful initiative to encourage cities, counties, universities and school districts to publish spending details online. I still spend much time following news stories on transparency-rela...

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Audit shines light on longstanding DSS issues

For quite some time South Carolina’s Department of Social Services has been under fire, as has Gov. Nikki Haley, due to the many glaring issues associated with the department.On Oct. 3, the Legislative Audit Council (LAC) released its most recent findings from its audit of DSS. The audit was conducted “in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards as set forth by the Comptroller General of the United States.”In its findings you will see a sev...

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A little housekeeping about the Op/Ed page

The Easley Progress, The Pickens Sentinel and Powdersville Post presented a column written by staff writer Kasie Strickland on gun control and the resulting reaction was somewhat disturbing. As a result, this editorial is being presented to explain how the Op/Ed section of a newspaper works, to address some of the reaction to said column, and to address one of the more vitriolic responses to the topic.How does the Op/Ed page in a newspaper work?

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Hang up the phone, America — and drive

Last month, Americans sent 171.3 billion text messages and anywhere from 19 to 28 percent of those texts were sent or read from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The average amount of time your eyes are off the road when reading and responding to a text is five seconds. Some quick math: if you’re travelling at 55 mph, five seconds is enough time to drive the length of a football field, including both endzones. Blindfolded.

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Pickens County’s wild, wild kingdom brings laughter

Things have been far too serious in my columns as of late so I thought I would lighten things up a little and hopefully share a laugh with you.Recently I have noticed a few local animals that have been giving me more than a touch of entertainment, some of it bordering on the callous I will admit, but nonetheless funny … to me at least and I do recognize my sense of humor is a tad different than most people.Let us begin our Marlin Perkins-style adventure with the wo...

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Should the drinking age be 18?

The age of 18 carries a lot of responsibility. You can help determine our nation’s leaders by voting, you can make a vow for a life-long commitment and get married, you are mature enough to join the military and fight and or kill and or die for our country.If you’re male, you must register for the draft. You are able to enter into a legal contract, and you’ve been allowed to drive a car for a couple of years now. You can serve on a jury and decide the fate of one ...

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No one is coming for your guns … yet

I’m sure I lost a lot of readers right off the bat with my headline, but for those of you who are willing to hear me out (and if you are still reading I am going to assume that you are), let me explain my position to you.Gun control is an absolute joke in this country. Background checks are all well and good, but if you can turn around and sell the gun to your neighbor without one, they’re utterly pointless. Assault weapons being sold to the general public is ridiculous...

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