Homeowner fires shot at intruder

Billy Cannada Staff Writer

October 8, 2013

PENDLETON – Anderson County Sheriff Officials say a homeowner that fired a shot at an intruder was acting in self-defense Monday afternoon in Pendleton.

Authorities said they were alerted after 54-year-old Richard Dennis Keese forced his way into a Mays Street home, assaulting two females, including the homeowner, in the home.

Police responded to the scene at around 3 p.m. on Monday, and Keese was walking away from the scene when authorities arrived, a report said.

“The homeowner shot at the suspect with a handgun,” Anderson County Sheriff officials said in a release. “It now appears that he was not wounded by the shot.”

Police say Keese was armed solely with a baseball bat, and struck one of the women (not the homeowner) upon entry.

Anderson County deputies say an investigation indicates the homeowner acted in self-defense when she fired a shot from a revolver at Keese.

Authorities say one victim and the suspect (Keese) were transported to AnMed for treatment. The victim was treated and released on Monday, police say.

Keese was released on Tuesday and was transferred to the Anderson County Detention Center where he is being held on pending charges.

Keese was set to go before a judge on Tuesday.