Local residents flock to open house

Billy Cannada Staff Writer

October 16, 2013

EASLEY — Hundreds of local residents were on hand at Easley Fire Department Station No. 2 on Thursday, taking part in the annual “open house”

The fire department hosted its annual open house Thursday evening, and the event’s theme highlighted a worrisome problem in Pickens County, according to Easley Fire Chief Butch Womack.

“We have had several kitchen fires that have involved children and adults this year, so we feel like educating folks in this area is a dire need for the community,” Womack said.

Womack said educating community members is step one in fire prevention.

“We want children to not be afraid of the fire department,” Womack said. “We are there to help. Whether it’s a fire, carbon monoxide problem or a wreck scene, we want people to know we’re there to help and that’s the most important message.”

The event was equipped with informational booths set up to inform local residents of seatbelt safety, bike safety, car seats, boating/water safety, prevention of kitchen fires, smoke alarms and more.

Local residents were encouraged to make the rounds and benefited from some free giveaways at the event.

“We try to combine every aspect of safety we can with our event so that all the community can enjoy it,” Womack said.