Safety checkpoint dragnet yields 7 arrests on New Year’s Eve

Andy Simmons Staff Writer

January 2, 2014

While many were out and about celebrating the new year, Troup County law officials were busy at work with several checkpoints set up around the city.

One was set up on Lafayette Parkway right before the ramp that leads to Interstate 85, where four arrests were made. Two of them, Andres Diegos Garcia, 27, of LaGrange, and Terrance Deontae Wadley, 24, of LaGrange, were charged for driving with a suspended or revoked license. The third, Randy Maddox, 46, of LaGrange, was charged with driving under the influence. The fourth arrest, Temini Cherron Wallace, 40, of LaGrange, was charged with both driving with a suspended or revoked license as well as driving under the influence.

A fifth arrest was made at North Page Street on New Franklin Road, which was considered the turn off point of the check point for those wishing to avoid it. Officers charged David Lovvorn, whose age wasn’t specified in the report, for driving under the influence, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and resisting arrest.

The safety checkpoint on Lafayette Parkway was lead by Capt. Mike Pheil, who made it clear that they were on the lookout for those breaking the law in the motoring community.

“We were hoping to intercept these impaired drivers and those without licenses,” Pheil said.

“Even on holidays, officers are willing to sacrifice our time to make sure that the community is safe.”

Pheil also gave kudos to the Troup County Sheriff’s office, who helped assist them in a couple of these checkpoints.

“We were very fortunate to have some help with the sheriff’s office this year, who helped us set up a checkpoint on Whitesville Road.” Pheil said.

Two other arrests were made at two separate checkpoints. Tyrone Nashawn Gray, 20, of LaGrange was charged with driving under a suspended or revoked license and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana at a checkpoint located at the intersection of West Point Road and West Lukken Industrial Drive.

Tandra Lashay Jones, 34, of LaGrange was charged with possession of schedule I controlled substance (suspected methamphetamine), driving on suspended or revoked license and obstruction of an officer at the checkpoint that was set up at the intersection of Whitesville Road and Pegasus Parkway.