Is Gov. Haley really against Common Core Standards?

January 28, 2014

Last night I watched intently Governor Haley’s State of the State address…no mention of getting rid of Common Core Standards (CCS). When asked recently at events she clearly will state she is against our present Common Core Standards. But no mention of that in her Education Plan or her State of the State address?

I am a huge fan of country singer Toby Keith. His song, “A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action” comes to mind when I hear Governor Haley “say” she is against CCS. Last night would have been the perfect opportunity to make sure all the Legislators and citizens of SC know she is against these standards … but what did we hear from her on these child abusive standards?…crickets…

Her solution seems to be throwing more money at education. A recent chart put out by the Cato Institute shows clearly what the return on investment is when we throw cash at education. There is none. Flat lined test scores and literacy improvement even though we are spending $11,372 per child in SC. Please explain to me Governor Haley how spending more money on education equals a better literacy rate? Are you doing that fuzzy math promoted by CCS? Common Core is designed to have students spend less time on classical literature and more time on boring, cold informational texts like the EPA manual…how is that going to inspire children to love to read?

It is time for Governor Haley to have a reality check. Please contact her and tell her the problems you are seeing with Common Core Standards and tell her you want a little less talk and a lot more action.

Johnnelle Raines

Upstate Regional Leader SCPIE