Costs of school maintenance/repair for next two years

By D. C. Moody

January 30, 2014

PICKENS — The School District of Pickens County has put forth a plan to meet its needs in capital improvements with a need in helping meet the financial requirements for the projects at hand.

Based on a plan put forth by District Superintendent Dr. Kelly Pew at the Monday meeting of school board, the district has the following needs at the following locations over the next two years, 22 in all with a total price tag of $13,084,280.

Under the district’s plan the following 10 projects are slated to be completed in 2014:

Pickens Middle, Forest Acres Elementary, and Six Mile Elementary are all in need of HVAC repairs and upgrades. Forest Acres, New Pickens Middle, Liberty Middle, East End Elementary, Northside Center, and the district’s Operations Office Complex are listed as needing either partial or entire roof replacements. The entire estimated cost for 2014’s projects is $6,139,284.

The remaining 12 projects would be put in motion in 2015 and include the following:

Ambler Elementary, Holly Springs Elementary, Central Services Office Building, Central Elementary, Crosswell Elementary, Hagood Elementary, McKissick Elementary, and the Northside Center will need HVAC systems and controls updates and repairs.

Central Elementary, Hagood Elementary, Crosswell Elementary, and West End Elementary would be scheduled for roofing needs. The estimated cost in 2015 is $6,944,996.

As of December 31, 2013, the district’s Capital Improvements Fund held a balance of $615,827. Under this proposal, passed by a vote of 3-2, $9,427,857 would be taken from the Building Program’s Excess Interest Earnings with the difference of $3,040,596 being allocated from the General Fund of the school district.

Dr. Herbert Cooper, Judy Edwards, and Jim Shelton voted in favor of Pew’s proposal while Alex Saitta and Jimmy Gillespie voted against the measure.