State of the Economy luncheon more than just lunch

By D. C. Moody

February 4, 2014

EASLEY — The Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce hosted its second annual State of the Economy luncheon last Thursday to a large turnout and an optimistic look to the future of the event.

Approximately 100 local business owners and members of the Chamber were hosted at Tri-County Technical College’s Easley campus, where a look at the state of the economy on a national and international angle was presented by TD Bank Senior Economist James Marple.

For Chamber President Cindy Hopkins, the event was about more than that.

“The Chamber is here to service our local business with important information, such as the economy,” she explained. “We also provide an opportunity for them to network and share from their own experience. This is our second luncheon and we plan to continue with more.”

It takes more than just the Chamber to host an event like the annual luncheon. Dr. Brian Swords of Tri-County Technical College is happy to be a part of the growing tradition and believes the benefits extend to the school’s students as well.

“We love working with the Chamber because it not only helps the community, our students learn as well,” Swords said. “Our students and staff get an opportunity to know the local business community and have an opportunity for some exposure to speakers like today.”

Hopkins said she was pleased with the turnout for the event and the momentum that’s been built for future events.

“This is our second time hosting this luncheon and I’m looking forward to continuing next year,” Hopkins said. “It takes a lot of people to make this event happen and I can’t thank everyone who contributed enough for all of their efforts.”

Tri-County Tech would like to see its involvement with the annual luncheon continue.

“We plan to continue the relationship with the Chamber and this annual event,” Swords said. “We want to continue this kind of relationship with the city and county, as well as local businesses.”