Old warrant leads to woman’s arrest

By D. C. Moody

February 20, 2014

PICKENS — Kayla Finley walked into the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office on the day before Valentine’s Day concerning a domestic dispute and was arrested on an outstanding warrant that was over eight years old.

The warrant for Finley’s arrest was issued in September 2005 by a Pickens County magistrate based on larceny/failure to return a rented video. According to statements by Finley, she had rented the movie from the now defunct Dalton Video and as part of a move out of state, failed to return it as an oversight.

“We didn’t go hunting for this situation or her. She came to us as part of normal procedure for what she was dealing with,” Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said Wednesday. “We put her name into records management, which told us this person had an active warrant.”

Finley was served the warrant, placed under arrest and held in the detention facility until a judge was available the next morning. During the bond hearing, Finley was released on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond.

The warrant stated that in September 2005, a representative of Dalton Video appeared before a Pickens County magistrate and presented evidence that was determined to present probable cause.

The practice of allowing civilians or business owners to swear out warrants in Pickens County in 2005 was common practice, but has since been changed where criminal offenses are concerned.