Silent auction at Baptist Easley makes big noise

By D. C. Moody

April 10, 2014

EASLEY— It isn’t often three charities will benefit from one event, but a silent auction held at Baptist Easley Hospital in Easley on April 4 was able to do just that.

Relay for Life, the American Heart Association and March of Dimes were all benefactors from the silent bids placed by employees and county residents alike, a rarity when most businesses focus on just one charity at a time.

“There was a great turnout and crowd, not only employees of the hospital, but folks from outside as well,” said Andrea Stegall of Baptist Easley. “A lot of people got the word out and the community responded well. There was a lot of traffic.”

This is the first time Baptist Easley has taken on three charities at once, coming under the leadership of CEO Mike Batchelor, and although there were hurdles, Stegall says it was worth it.

“Mr. Batchelor has done a great deal in his first year here and that includes pushing us to be more involved in the community than we already were,” Stegall explained. “He’s the reason we were able to put this together and the involvement of everyone who works here stems from that.”

Overall the auction raised some $3,590 for American Heart Association and March of Dimes and Relay for Life raised “something in the neighborhood of $1,200,” according to Stegall’s figures.

Stegall was pleased, with so many competing charities, to see Baptist Easley’s auction have success.

“There was more traffic than we expected, honestly, just based on it being held during the week,” Stegall said. “I expected the majority of those that bid would be employees. Instead most of it came from outside the building.”