Local actor in film screening in Cannes

May 22, 2014

EASLEY — Actor and Easley resident Shane Willimon will enjoy a treat very few actors can claim: His latest film will screen during the Cannes Film Festival.

“Seven Deadly Words,” which has appeared in and won numerous awards at festivals across the country and in the UK, has been selected to be part of a special panel of faith-based feature films to screen this month in Cannes.

The showing has been coordinated in conjunction with the International Christian Film Festival. Faith-based storylines are making big news in Hollywood this year, and this will mark first time a panel of such films has been screened during the world’s largest film festival.

Willimon captured the hearts and laughs of viewers for his role in “Seven Deadly Words” as “Brax McCo.y”

His portrayal of the disgruntled church treasurer has been making big news almost since the beginning, much of which can be attributed to the dramatic and controversial nature of the story.

Inspired by actual events, this Docudrama follows the congregation of Egypt Valley Church as they try to overcome the Seven Deadly Words: “We’ve never done it that way before.”

The church is out of funds and out of touch with the community. New pastor Evan Bennett sets out to change things for the better, but there’s a problem: one family has been running things a long time, and they don’t like change.

Evan and his family soon learn how far one family is willing to go to preserve the status quo.

“Shane is a dedicated actor and a very funny guy,” said director “Doc” Benson. “Each and every take I was so impressed with his choices and occasional ad libs.”

Willimon has made numerous appearances in film, television, and local theater.

The selection of “Seven Deadly Words” came late, and Benson and his team at Culdee Productions had to scramble to get the film ready for showing in France. For instance, they have been working long hours just to translate and create over 1,800 subtitles in French for the movie.

“We have had several volunteers step forward from four states to assist with the translation,” said Benson. “I then had to cut and paste each line into the closed captioning file in order to get the timing correct for display on the screen. With over 1,800 subtitles, it was a tiring process.”

“Seven Deadly Words” was awarded the Dove Foundation seal and will be distributed world-wide by BMG.