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I have always been under the impression that democracy was based on majority rules. Isn’t that why we are all given the right to vote, even the right not to? When did we become driven to cater to an opinion not in the majority whenever the political correctness card is played?

Understand, from this point forward, some of the references I will be making are not necessarily tongue in cheek, but a little more on the ridiculous side to prove my point. Keep that in mind and take the spirit of this column for what it is, a finger pointing to the ridiculousness that has become our country.

I saw where the United States government was stripping all patent and trademark designations away from the Washington Redskins and I am flabbergasted. Daniel Snyder made his own money, purchased the franchise, and should be allowed to run his business as he sees fit, just to get that out of the way.

But, according to officials associated with this little melodrama, the name is offensive and therefore has to go, and if the team or the National Football League won’t do it, they will.

African Americans and American Indians have gotten the worst deal of any ethnic groups in America, with the Native Americans maybe getting the worst end of it all, but is this truly how we want to move forward?

Consider this:

The reigning Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan decides he is offended by the mere existence of the United Negro College Fund and decides to do something about it (remember when I said not to be offended?). So, in his narrow minded wisdom he files a federal lawsuit, citing the exclusion of other races from the organization’s scope and screams to the heavens as to how offended white Americans are. So what should be the outcome?

Common sense would dictate the lawsuit be dismissed and the United Negro College Fund be allowed to further advance its cause. But, we’re not dealing with common sense here, because as it stands, based on the scales of logic created by political correctness in this country, the racist we were just discussing has every right to have what he’s asking for. Under this precedent, and many others, exclusion or the perception of slight is grounds for intervention.

That’s the danger in governmental regulation of morals … no matter how many laws are written you aren’t going to change the way a person thinks. Changing a person’s viewpoint is based on far too many factors and takes years of conditioning and parenting and I don’t feel comfortable with a government that can’t balance its checkbook raising me or my kids.

Even more than that, shouldn’t it be up to the very consumers that buy the NFL franchise’s product to have an effect on the team’s mascot? Wouldn’t it make more sense that a boycott by players, a drop in merchandise sales, or even more so a drop in season ticket and single game sales would affect change, if the majority wanted it?

The truth is, except for a handful of people within special interest groups, no one cares what the Washington Redskins call themselves, not including the rabid fans and they will be making noise of their own soon enough. And for a few holdouts still out there in the land of sports (Cleveland and Florida State, we’re looking at you), you better beware.

If you ask me, in honor of being located in the nation’s capital, and considering the folks who live there, they SHOULD change the mascot, but to something more appropriate … maybe the Washington Cheetahs.

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